mTRAQ Reagents

The mTRAQ Reagents are amine-specific, stable-isotope-labeled reagents, available in duplex or triplex format, designed for high-confidence protein and peptide biomarker verification using multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) analysis on QTRAP Systems and the Triple Quad LC/MS/MS Systems.

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mTRAQ Reagents
Product ID Product NameQuantityReagentsPrice Quantity
4427698 mTRAQ Reagents - delta4 50 Unit50 Unit PackΔ4
$ 2,687.33
4440015 mTRAQ Reagents - delta0 50 Unit50 Unit PackΔ0
$ 891.16
4374771 mTRAQ Reagent Assay Kit - 10 Assay10 Assay KitΔ0|Δ4|Δ8
$ 1,870.53
4427700 mTRAQ Reagents - delta8 50 Unit50 Unit PackΔ8
$ 2,682.28

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