CZE Rapid Charge Variant Analysis Kit

The CZE Rapid Charge Variant Analysis Kit is designed for use on the PA 800 Plus and provides all of the necessary reagents to analyze a molecule’s charge variants based on their mobility. This method provides a fast, powerful separation to quantify charge variants with a buffer that serves as both a separation matrix and dynamic coating for a bare-fused silica capillary. In addition, no sample dilution buffer is required; simply dilute the sample in water and you are ready for separation. This kit provides reagent volumes for analysis of 100 samples and includes: • CZE Rapid Charge Variant Separation Buffer, 125 mL • Acid Wash/Regenerating Solution, 100 mL • CE Grade Water (H2O), 140 mL • Protein Test Mix, 1 vial

$ 577.69

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