cIEF Kit

The cIEF Kit is designed for use on the PA 800 Plus and allows for accurate determination of a protein’s charge heterogeneity to establish identity and stability of the molecule. Capillary Isoelectric Focusing (cIEF) is a powerful technique that allows quantitative analysis of a protein’s isoelectric point (pI). In cIEF, a mixture of sample and ampholyte is introduced into a capillary and subjected to electrophoretic separation. In this process, a pH gradient through which analytes migrate to their respective pI is formed. This kit provides reagent volumes for analysis of 100 samples and includes: • Neutral Capillary, 1 unit • cIEF gel • cIEF Peptide Marker Kit, 5 vials (pI 4.1, pI 5.5, pI 7.0, pI 9.5, pI 10.0), 240 µL each • Sample Loading Solution (SLS), 6 mL • CE Grade Water NOTE: Additional reagents from other vendors are required for this application. Methods and necessary supplies can be referenced at

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