Protein Methods Development Kit

This kit contains coated capillaries, buffers, standards, and markers to allow you to optimize a separation method for the analysis of a broad spectrum of proteins by their mass/charge characteristics. This kit includes: Neutral Capillary, 50 µm x 67 cm (Qty: 1); Orange G Reference Marker, 0.1% aqueous solution (Qty: 1); Histamine Reference Marker, 1% aqueous solution (Qty: 1); Citrate Buffer, pH 3, 50 mM (Qty: 100 mL); Citrate/MES Buffer, pH 6, 50 mM (Qty: 100 mL ); Tricine Buffer, pH 8, 20 mM (Qty: 100 mL); and Protein Test Mix (Qty: 1).

$ 963.63

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