ssDNA 100-R Kit

This kit is designed for the analysis of single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) fragments with sizes between 10 to 100 bases with resolving power down to a single base. This kit comes with two coated capillaries, replaceable gel, and standards to perform at least 100 runs. UV detection is required to analyze unlabeled and standard oligonucleotides. Urea denaturant is included enabling a denaturing, replaceable gel, if desired. This kit includes DNA capillary, 100 µm ID 65 cm (Qty: 2); ssDNA 100-R Gel (Qty: 1); Tris-Borate Buffer (Qty:1); 7 M Urea (Qty: 1); and pd(A) 40-60 Test Mix (Qty:1). This kit is not compatible with a PDA detector.

$ 1,618.14

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