Micro cHiPLC Traps

ChromXP C18CL: Online pre-concentration of peptide and hydrophobic small molecules (typical flow 2 µL/min). ReproSil-Pur C18-AQ: Online pre-concentration of hydrophilic and hydrophobic peptides (typical flow 2 µL/min). Halo Fused-Core C18: Online pre-concentration of analytes with a broad range of polarities (typical flow 2 µL/min).
Graphitized Carbon: Online pre-concentration of glycans and phosphopeptides (typical flow 2 µL/min).
Halo Fused-Core HILIC: Online pre-concentration of glycans and phosphopeptides (typical flow 2 µL/min).

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Micro cHiPLC Traps
Product ID Product NameLengthPhasePore size (Å)Price Quantity
5020554 Micro cHiPLC Trap Halo Hilic6 mmHalo Fused-Core Hilic90
$ 1,144.60
5020551 Micro cHiPLC Trap Halo C18, 2.7µm 90 A6 mmHalo Fused-Core C1890
$ 1,144.60
5020553 Micro cHiPLC Trap Graphitized Carbon, 3µm6 mmGraphatized Carbon250
$ 1,144.60
5020550 Micro cHiPLC Trap ReproSil-Pur C18, 3µm 120 A6 mmReproSil-Pur C18-AQ120
$ 1,144.60
5015841 Micro cHiPLC Trap ChromXP C18, 3µm 120A6 mmChromXP C18CL120
$ 1,779.87
5017026 Micro cHiPLC Trap ChromXP C4-CL, 5µm 300A6 mmChromXP C4CL300
$ 808.28

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