ChromXP MicroLC Columns

  • ChromXP C18/ChromXP C8: General chromatography, separation of hydrophobic compounds, separation of biomolecules such as proteins and peptides.
  • ChromXP C4: Separation of large biomolecules like proteins and peptides, both in RP and HIC-mode, excellent stability at pH 1.
  • ChromXP C18EP/ChromXP C8EP: Enhanced polar selectivity and excellent peak shape for acids and bases, wide range of pH, analysis of strong basic compounds in neutral pH.
  • ChromXP Phenyl: Alternate enhanced selectivity and hydrophobicity to the C18 and C8 phase. For aromatic, polar and acidic compounds.
  • ChromXP C18-AQ: For polar compounds that require high aqueous mobile phase conditions.
  • ChromXP Amino: Used in three modes: non polar mode, reversed phase mode and ion chromatography mode.
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ChromXP MicroLC Columns 0.3mm
Product ID Product NamePhaseLengthPore sizePrice Quantity
5022458 ChromXP Amino, 3 um 120 AChromXP Amino5 cm120
$ 741.54
5022437 ChromXP C18, 3 um 300 AChromXP C18CL5 cm300
$ 741.54
5022432 ChromXP C18, EP, 3 um 120 AChromXP C18EP10 cm120
$ 793.60
5022461 ChromXP C18, EP, 3 um 300 AChromXP C18EP5 cm300
$ 741.54
5022440 ChromXP C18, AQ, 3 um 120 AChromXP C18AQ5 cm120
$ 741.54
5022443 ChromXP C8, EP, 3 um 120 AChromXP C8EP5 cm120
$ 741.54
5022446 ChromXP C8, 3 um 120 AChromXP C8CL5 cm120
$ 793.60
5022464 ChromXP C8, EP, 3 um 300 AChromXP C8EP5 cm300
$ 741.54
5022452 ChromXP C4, 3 um 120 AChromXP C45 cm120
$ 741.54
5022449 ChromXP Phenyl, 3 um 120 AChromXP Phenyl5 cm120
$ 741.54

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