HALO MicroLC Columns

  • HALO C18/HALO C8: Excellent performance for a broad range of analyte polarities. Fused-core particles generate significantly less back pressure and allow ultra-high resolution and ultra-fast separations.
  • HALO Phenyl Hexyl: Enhanced retention and selectivity for aromatic and unsaturated analytes. Compatible with highly aqueous mobile phases.
  • HALO HILIC: Can be used in both hilic and normal-phase modes. Enhanced sensitivity and peak shape for LC/MS analysis of basic analytes.
  • HALO Peptide-ES: Enhanced sensitivity for peptides
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HALO MicroLC Columns 0.5mm
Product ID Product NamePhaseLengthPore sizePrice Quantity
5016991 Halo Phenyl Hexyl, 2.7µmHalo Fused-Core Phenyl-Hexyl5 cm90
$ 837.34
5020739 HALO MicroLC ColumnsHalo Fused-Core C85 cm90
$ 777.00
5039577 Halo Peptide-ES C18, 2.7µm 160 AHalo Peptide-ES C185 cm160
$ 837.34
5039579 Halo Peptide-ES C18, 2.7µm 160 AHalo Peptide-ES C1810 cm160
$ 865.02
805-05200 Halo C8, 2.7µm 90 AHalo C85 cm90
$ 808.28
805-10100 Halo C18, 2.7µm 90 AHalo Fused-Core C185 cm90
$ 837.34
805-10101 Halo C18, 2.7µm 90 AHALO Fused C1810 cm90
$ 865.02
805-10102 Halo C18, 2.7µm 90 AHalo Fused C1815 cm90
$ 892.71
805-10116 Halo Phenyl Hexyl, 2.7µmHalo Fused-Core Phenyl-Hexyl15 cm90
$ 892.71
5030882 Halo HilicHalo Hilic10 cm
$ 892.71
5030878 Halo HilicHalo Hilic15 cm
$ 892.71

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