iMethod Application for Comprehensive Forensic Drug Screening Version 2.4 for Cliquid Software

The SCIEX iMethod™ Application for Comprehensive Forensic Drug Screening includes a method for analysis of over 200 analytes in positive ion mode. The MRM catalogue contains over 1450 drugs of abuse and related compounds, with up to 6 transitions per compound. The MRM catalogue can be used to create additional custom screening and / or quantification methods. Designed for use with a Phenomenex Kinetex C18 column, 2.5 µm 100 Å, 50 x 3 mm (Phenomenex P/N 00B-4462-Y0) and a SecurityGuard cartridge C18, 5 µM 60 Å, 4 x 3.00 mm (Phenomenex P/N AJO-4287) with SecurityGuard cartridge holder (Phenomenex P/N KJO-4282). NOTE: The SCIEX Forensic Drug Library required for confirmation is sold separately.

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