iTRAQ Reagents

The iTRAQ Reagents are the first set of multiplexed, amine-specific, stable-isotope reagents that can label all peptides in up to eight different biological samples enabling simultaneous identification and quantitation, both relative and absolute, while retaining important PTM information. There are two types of iTRAQ reagent kits, 4plex and 8plex. The iTRAQ Reagents - 8plex kits are also available in more economical bulk packs.

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iTRAQ Reagents
Product ID Product NameSpecificationsUnique QualifierPrice Quantity
4390811 iTRAQ Reagent Kit - 8 Plex 1 Assay1 Assay Kit8PLEX Sign in to see price
4466096 iTRAQ Reagent Kit - 4 Plex 25U50 Assay Kit4PLEX
$ 8,522.97
4393528 iTRAQ Reagent Kit - 8 Plex 25U25 Assay Kit8PLEX
$ 18,446.75
4352160 iTRAQ Reagent Kit - Method DevelopmentMethod Development2PLEX
$ 1,217.60
4390812 iTRAQ Reagents Kit - 8 Plex 5 Assays5 Assay Kit8PLEX Sign in to see price
4369561 iTRAQ Reagent Kit - 3 Assay Duplex Trial3 Assay Trial Kit2PLEX
$ 652.91
4352135 iTRAQ Reagent Kit - Multi Plex5 Assay Kit4PLEX
$ 1,972.52
4374321 iTRAQ Reagent Kit - ProteinProtein Application Kit4PLEX
$ 1,826.41
4381664 iTRAQ Reagent Kit - 8 Plex BufferBuffer Kit8PLEX Sign in to see price

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