Amplifex Keto Reagent

Amplifex Keto Reagent is designed specifically to enhance signal strength up to 500-fold (depending on the analyte). The Amplifex Keto Reagent is a universal reagent that reacts with a molecule's keto or aldehyde functional group, such as the ketone in ketosteroids (e.g., testosterone). With the Amplifex Keto Reagent, your sample size can be dramatically reduced, while still achieving LLOD and LLOQ levels that were difficult, if not impossible, by mass spectrometry analysis even on the most-sensitive platforms.
  • 4465962: Contains a protocol, 2 tubes of Amplifex Keto reagent, and 2 tubes of diluent. Each tube contains enough reagent to complete 25 reactions.
  • 4466055: Contains hardware components required for Amplifex Keto sample prep. Includes 24-pack C-200 cartridges, 24 unit rack, and protocol.
  • 4466054: Contains cartridges for Amplifex Keto sample prep. Includes 24-pack C-200 cartridges and sample prep protocol.
  • 4466179: Contains components required for increased sample throughput. Includes one 96-well plate with C-200 media, one collection plate, and protocol.
  • 5028174: 12-pack of replacement solvent guides. 

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Product ID Product NameSpecificationsPrice Quantity
4466054 Amplifex Keto Cartridge KitCartridge Kit
$ 87.35
4466179 Amplifex Keto Plate KitPlate Kit
$ 219.24
4465962 Amplifex Keto Reagent KitReagent Kit
$ 201.98
4466055 Amplifex Keto Prep Starter KitPrep Starter Kit
$ 1,633.46

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