Method Development

Understanding the strategies and techniques for advanced LC-MS method development allows you to maximize the sensitivity of existing methods, as well as conquer the challenges of encountering new compounds that don't work well with your current analytical methods.

After taking this course, you'll be comfortable with optimizing compounds and source method parameters in both ESI and APCI modes on your SCIEX mass spec, and learn advanced MS method parameters like Scheduled MRM™. You'll master best practices for developing liquid chromatography (LC) methods, including column and buffer selection. At the end of the course, there is a "method development challenge" to test your knowledge and earn your certification.

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TRNSU151 2 Day SCIEXLabs vMethodTM Implementation Training at Customer SiteBeginner
$ 8,264.00
TRNSU202KIT 2 Day Advanced LC-MS Method Development at Customer SiteAdvanced
$ 8,264.00

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