Vacuum Hose Fitting

Vacuum Hose Fitting; Compatible with API4000, QSTARXL, Triple6500+, 3200QTRAP, API100, X500R, 5600+, TRIPLE6500, TRIPLE4500MD, QTRAP6500+, 4000QTRAP, 5600, API150, API2000, QSTAR, QSTAR/PULSAR, QTRAP5500, TRIPLE5500, API3200MD, 6600, QTRAP4500MD, API3200, 4600, LIPIDYZER, CITRINE QTRAP, CITRINE QQQ, 5500+, API165, API300, API5000, OMALDI-SOURCE, QTRAP, 3200QTRAPMD, X500B, API3000, QSTAR-ELITE, QTRAP6500 instruments

$ 54.40

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