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Short DescriptionAdd-On 1 Day to any Success Program at Customer Site
Long Description• Overview: This SCIEX Now Learning Hub course is intended to be a 1 day add-on to accommodate any additional practice or customized training immediately after finishing the Success Program. You may choose this course in combination with our Success Program or as a standalone course. We recommend hands-on focus for 1 Primary Learner and up to 2 additional observers. Additional days may be purchased to include hands-on time for all learners (time dependent). Please consult with your sales representative and Applications Manager to assess your specific training needs. • Who should attend: Learners who need additional training days following Success Program. • Pre-requisites: None. • What’s included: o 1 Day of instructor led training at the customer site by an experienced SCIEX Applications Support Scientist. o Hands-on training focused on 1 Primary Learner. 2 additional learners can join for observation and content. o Access to > 100 SCIEX Now Learning Hub Self-paced eLearning, lectures, demonstrations as well as SCIEX Now online Support tools available for up to 3 Learners. o Valid for 12 months from date of purchase. See latest course information in the SCIEX Now Learning Hub online catalog: • Training location: Customer site
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