BPV Flex 2.1 and BioPharmaView 3.0.2 Kit

BPV Flex 2.1 is a software application that processes high resolution accurate mass data to derive actionable results for biologics customers. BPV Flex 2.1 version will allow for complete protein characterization of biomolecules including improved peak detection algorithm and a scrambled disulfides feature. BioPharmaView 3.0.2 will be provided alongside BPV Flex 2.1 which allows the customer to do MAM and other workflows that require comparison of product quality attributes across samples. BPV Flex 2.1 provides an enhanced, complete tool for protein characterization in a greatly improved workspace that makes it much easier to process data and navigate results. This is a bundle eLicense and does not include the DVD. This version is for research use only.


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